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More about Yazdan Petregan Aria Company

Employment without a bank loan has become a dream in our country for hardship, but the company has proven that it can be created without bank resources, and it also creates that if all other jobs are created.

Typically, the places that the company enters to create jobs are areas with a high deprivation rate and very low income.

Also, Petregan Company spends a part of its sales revenue every month to create jobs and help the needy community to maintain the dignity of poor families who have the power, energy and potential to work but are not able to do so simply because they can not afford it. And be able to help these groups.


خرید زرشک و زعفران

More about Yazdan Petergan Aria Company

Unlike all companies whose goal is trade and profit, Petregan Company tries to think more about the employment of the rural community in order to achieve a profit that is commensurate with the capacity of the place and the interest and ability of the person to create the desired job.

Yazdan Petregan Aria Company was established in 2017 with the aim of introducing the existing potentials in rural areas and to help set up small workshops to create employment and employ talented young job seekers, and in 2018 entered Ghaenat Science and Technology Park. Became the province of South Khorasan.

In addition to work and production growth, the company has tried to reduce social harm by concluding contracts with non-governmental organizations and, unlike many companies whose sole purpose is trade and net profit, by employing honest young people. And compassionate rural, so far in addition to producing quality and diverse organic products in accordance with the rural dynamics of Festa (culture, health, education, employment) has taken great steps to create employment in rural communities.